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BeansJam22 "wir müssen wach bleiben" - Kola Kracher

Steer a raccoon through a hand-drawn world that has a mysterious side once you fall asleep. Collect weapons in the dream world to defend yourself. (Smoking is deadly!) Drive up the highscore with crown caps. 

No ready-made assets were used in this project, everything was created by ourself. 

Challenges: Handpainted, (partly) Lowest Res, Treasure Hunt

  • Amadeus Reger - Code / Sound
  • Beatlex - Level Design
  • Lonsklonsk - Art


Alpha1.0.zip 28 MB
KolaKracher-Alpha1.6.zip 28 MB
KolaKracher-WebGL-Alpha1.6.zip 11 MB


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